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C.A.M. First Agency Kft. provides consulting services in the three main activities: computer programming, facilities management and information technologies; business management consulting services; public relations and communication activities

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Who we are

C.A.M. First Agency Kft. is a Budapest-based business consulting agency formed in 1995. We empowers business owners to take control of their business, before their business starts to control them.

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    We are manage and protect your data according to EU GDPR

    Computer programming, facilities management and information technologies

    • Writing, modifying, testing and supporting software;
    • Planning and designing computer systems that integrate computer hardware, software and communication technologies;
    • On-site management and operation of clients’ computer systems and/or data processing facilities, as well as related support services.

    Business management consulting services

    • Strategic management;
    • Financial, marketing, human resource;
    • Production;
    • Business process management;
    • Supply chain and other management consulting services.

    Public relations and communication activities, advertising services and other information service activities

    • External communications;
    • Internal communications;
    • Media relations;
    • Paid advertising;
    • Corporate social responsibility (CSR);
    • Corporate sponsorship;
    • Lobbying;
    • Promotion;
    • Publicity.

    Some of our clients

    We believe that every business needs a digital marketing partner
    who wants to invest the time to get to know that business.
    We are a professional bunch and our clients really like us